May 8, 2017


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Here are a few samples of what our clients say about their time on the water with AEB Rentals.

What a great, fun, relaxing way to explore some of Annapolis, back creek and spa creek. Photo ops, beautiful scenery, FUN! Don’t think about going...GO!

Great experience all around. I am pretty arthritic and I was able to get on and off the boat with little effort. I was not going to go but he even offered to move the boat so I would feel more comfortable on but I was able to get on where everyone else got on. Once on the boat IT WAS FANTASTIC. A frig to keep our drinks cold as well a nice table to put our cans in so they didn't slide. AND what is not fantastic about tooling around Annapolis MD? Totally a positive experience all around. Definitly will do again as no one took out cell phones and we are just enjoyed our time together.
Angela R.

These boats are AWESOME!!  They are easy to operate, can handle up to 10 people, and are sooooo comfortable and quiet.  They are perfect for spending time out on the water – even for the non-expert boater!  The owners, Greg and Sherry, were so helpful and made our trip easy to plan and were available to dock and redock if we needed it.  They made it so easy.  These boats are perfect for all kinds of outings.  Our company outing was fantastic and we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more.  Thanks Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals.  We loved our afternoon!!
Holly F.

I can't think of a more peaceful way to see Annapolis than from the water on one of the plush boats from AEBR.
Chris C.

Our SpinSheet PropTalk afternoon cruise on the Duffy Electric Boats was so relaxing and enjoyable. The boats were very comfortable, with plenty of seating and leg room. The quiet motor and the cushioned benches around the center table facilitated conversation and enjoyment of the food and beverages we shared. What a pleasant way to explore Spa Creek and the Annapolis Harbor.
Beth C.

I really enjoyed our recent trip through Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals. The boats were so quiet and comfortable; it was great just putting around through Ego Alley and Spa Creek. Very relaxing, plenty of room, and not too hot with the breeze and canopy top.
Kaylie J.

We had a great evening creek crawl on Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals boats. They are super spacious and clean, and Greg and Sherry took excellent care of us. What a great way to see Annapolis by water.
Mary E.

What a great way to experience Annapolis Harbor without the headaches of boat ownership!! Love these silent Duffy Electric Boats that actually let you have a conversation with friends while underway!
Rick W.

We had a great Father’s Day Celebration on our Electric Duffy Boat. Everything was wonderful. We were met at the dock and got the full tutorial on the simple to use boat and off we went for a two hour sail! Thanks for a great day!
Ann M.

Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals' Duffy boats  are quiet, comfortable and  perfect for cruising around the harbor. You'd be hard pressed to find a more affordable option for a boat rental in Annapolis.
Zach D.

Our boat trip was the highlight of our Annapolis weekend trip. We had perfect weather to relax and ride around the waterways of Annapolis. Greg made us feel very comfortable about driving the boat and it truly was easier than expected. The boat was clean, comfortable and offered plenty of shade and even bluetooth to hook up music from our phone. Our only regret was not renting it for more than two hours! We could have easily spent all afternoon riding around and looking at all the beautiful homes along the waterways! Also, the takeout food we picked up from Bread and Butter Kitchen (right next to the boat rental) was delicious!

Outstanding 3 hour experience on Spa Creek, with a huge bonus of hanging out with the awesome owners. Six stars.
Curt B.

We had a great time on the boat! Very relaxing and a great way to spend some time on the water. Greg was great. Definitely coming back.
Susan J.

Awesome picnic boat to explore Annapolis.We got to drive it away ourselves.
Cindy B.

Annapolis is a favorite day-trip destination for us and our 5/24/18 visit was enriched by a first-time Annapolis Electric Boat rental. Although we've also enoyed schooner sailing there many times, our electric boat canopy provided much-needed shade (greatly expanding the times when we can be out on the water), and we controlled our course, pace, etc.; a wonderful way to explore different areas. Greg was terrific from booking to explaining the craft's operation (we love being on the water, but have never done the "driving"), answering Qs, and being on hand for our return to the marina area. Our AEB adventure was as a couple (not an option on the schooner), and we definitely plan to return with friends to share the experience. It's just flat out FUN!
S. M.

We had a wonderful, beautiful and, most of all, relaxing outing with office staff (5 women) and one of our staff member's son to drive us!! I can't say enough about AEB Rentals and Gregory for his knowledge, assistance and recommendations! We had catered food from Bread & Butter Kitchen right there on 2nd Street, plenty of shade with the boat covering, and lots of fun and relaxation for a 3 hour Happy Hour evening. All of the staff had a great time and we would do it again! I especially recommend it for showing guests around Annapolis by water, entertaining a client or potential client, or as a resident of the Annapolis area, you can always find something new out on the waters surrounding this beautiful town. Bring phone/camera, look for the blue heron, explore the back creek areas and the beautiful homes and enjoy! Thank you to Gregory for a great experience!
Anne Pereira

Great customer service, and the boats are kept in impeccable shape. I rented a boat with my 4 year old son and Greg and his wife were amazing with him. From high fives to showing him the duck hiding out in planter nesting with her eggs. I would highly recommend AEB to anyone no matter your boating experience level. We will be back with the entire family this summer!
Brandon Heie