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The most important thing to Annapolis, Maryland are our waterways. As the sailing capital of the world and the home of the United States Naval Academy, waterways are what defines us as a community. So, the conservation and rehabilitation of these beautiful and important habits are something that Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals takes very seriously. That’s why we were so excited to be part of the Spa Creek Conservancy’s 2nd annual Clean Water PaddleFEST.

The Spa Creek watershed spans historic downtown Annapolis, Eastport, and the surrounding areas. The headwaters run through Truxtun Park and eventually open into the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Severn River. Spa Creek provides recreational opportunities for thousands of boaters, fishermen, and hikers each year and provides habitat for many of the Chesapeake Bay’s native wildlife. Continued development surrounding the watershed have posed a threat to the health of Spa Creek Watershed.

To spread the word about this issue, and to encourage eco-friendly habits in the Annapolis community, the Spa Creek Conservancy has put on an annual PaddleFEST since 2016, featuring human-powered vessels, fun and educational games, and delicious food. Last year, we had an incredible time acting as a support boat for all of the paddlers, and learning about the unique challenge of restoring the creek so that it will again be fishable and swimmable.

The Conservancy’s message fits right in with our vision at Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals, our goal is to help people experience the beautiful city of Annapolis Maryland in a different, authentic way. And by using only eco-friendly electric boats, we’re able to ensure the health of our community’s waterways and protect them from harmful emissions, while their near-silence prevents the unnecessary disturbance of the wild animals who call Annapolis home. Whether you’re planning an event, or you just want to watch the sunset in style, call us today at (443) 433-2129 to make a reservation! Watch the video below to see what the Spa Creek Conservancy’s  annual Spa Creek PaddleFEST is all about!

2nd Annual Spa Creek Clean Water PaddleFEST from Capital SUP on Vimeo.