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a small boat in a body of water with a city in the background

My wife and I have been lucky to travel to some pretty wonderful places, and more often than not our vacation plans include water. When we arrive at our new destination, we are always curious if there is a way we can get out on the water. With our love of open water in mind, we started Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals to allow visitors to Annapolis to do just that.

Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals offers a unique and exciting way to tour Annapolis…by water. We offer vessels for an environmentally friendly powerboat ride. Powered by 16 golf cart batteries, the boats travel at a top speed of 6 knots (6.9 mph) producing very little to no boat wake which helps to prevent shore erosion. Because the boats are electric, there is zero engine emissions or noise pollution to take away from the serenity of your adventure. Each boat has comfortable seating for up to 10 people.

So, once you’ve made the decision to embark on your electric boat adventure, what can you expect to see? Here are our top 12 must see locations on Spa Creek, that you can see as you travel toward the head of the creek and back.a close up of a map

Chart House

Directly next to our boats is the Chart House restaurant, originally a boat house on the shipyard for Trumpy Yachts. Built from the 1920s to 1970s, the yachts were known for their handcrafted construction, custom woodworking, and sleek, elegant lines.

U.S. Naval Academy

Established in 1845, it is the United States’ second oldest of the service academies. Each year about 1,200 Plebes (Freshman) start their education on “The Yard”, as the campus is known. With a total student count of just over 4,500 students, about 1,000 midshipmen graduate a year with a Bachelor of Science degree. Upon completion of their education the midshipmen are commissioned officers and have a 5-year active duty commitment to the Navy.

Ego Ally

Ego Ally is the inlet that runs toward Main Street. This famous, and sometimes infamous, strip of water is likened to a cat walk. You will see boats of all shapes and sizes cruise this narrow strip of water to see and be seen.

Annapolis Yacht Club

The yacht club was severally damaged in a 2015 fire that was caused by an electrical spark igniting a Christmas tree. The newly constructed club will be home to about 1,600 very active boating members. Look for their new Sailing Center directly across the creek at the foot of the bridge.

Spa Creek Bridge

The present-day bridge was constructed in 1947 and is a perfect platform for some of the best views of Annapolis. Each May a .05k mile race is held on the bridge. The race can take as long as 5 minutes, and has rest stops with water stations. Last year’s winner completed the run in 33.5 seconds.

St. Mary’s

This  Catholic congregation that includes an Elementary and High School, as well as a Church. This property is also the site of the Charles Carrol House which was home to three generations of Carrol’s dating back to 1737. Charles Carrol was an original, and only Catholic, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Acton’s Cove Point

Richard Acton purchased land in 1651 which was used as one of the original ports of Annapolis. Today the site is home to Acton’s Cove Waterfront Park.

Spa Creek Marina

This marina is a 10-boat slip marina with 40-50’ slips and deep-water access.

Truxtun Park

This park is an 80-acre park with a public boat launch, hiking trails, tennis courts and playgrounds as well as basketball courts and baseball fields.

President Point

President Point consists of 100 units for sale and rent. Asking prices on units for sale are around $500k, with rental units leasing for a monthly rate in the $2k range.

South Annapolis Yacht Center 

This marina has 85 slips and accommodates boats up to 120’. SAYC claims to be one of the oldest marine facilities in continues use starting back in 1907.

Annapolis City Marina

This marina has slips for both local and transient boaters and provides a full complement of services. You’ll notice their full-service fuel dock and dock shop.

I’m lucky enough to travel this route on almost a daily basis, and each and every trip is a different experience. The landmarks are in place; however, the scenery is always changing. Take your time and enjoy the sights, you won’t be disappointed.

Gregory Horne is the co-owner of Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals in Annapolis. He has a fleet of environmentally friendly boats. Contact Greg today by Clicking Here or calling 443-433-2129.